Importance of Winter Humidification

With the cold dry air of winter, home and car heaters drying the air even further. It is very important to add moisture to the air with Ultrasonic Humidification. Do you wake in the morning with a dry itchy throat, and dry nasal passages, that can have you loosing sleep coughing all night? You already know the benefits of a humidifier when you are ill, putting moisture in the air to help relieve the symptoms of your cold. Our Ultra Sonic Humidifiers should be used year round, especially in the "dry winter months". To keep you feeling healthy and uplifted with the benefits of Aromatherapy for a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Give our Decrotive, Beautiful Ultrasonic Diffuser/ Humidifiers a try, and enjoy the Relaxing, and Healing benefits today. For your Home, Office, or Car.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are more popular than ever, but not everyone knows what these heavenly smelling scents are actually good for you. In truth, there are many health benefits of essential oils that can keep your mind and body in better shape, and incorporating them into your daily life will makes a major difference.

As the concentrated aromatic liquid is extracted from healthy plants, essential oils can be considered the lifeblood of plants themselves. They work to protect wounds, guard against dangerous microorganisms and trigger emotional responses in plant cells- all benefits that can be applied to you if you use them regularly.

Each essential oil has its own complex chemistry that can dramatically affect your brain, and smelling certain essential oils has been shown to improve your mood, promote physical wellness, and even enhance physical abilities.

Health Benefits?

Scents are processed through a special part of the brain called the cerebral cortex, which is the region most involved with cognition and memories. In this way, the right blend of essential oils can enhance your mental abilities, improve your mood, and even reign in your focus for optimal creativity. Rosemary essential oil alone has been found through studies to improve cognitive abilities by up to 75%.

There are plenty of other benefits from using essential oils regularly, including the following.

Headache Relief: Long lasting headaches can ruin your day, but frequently smelling essential oils can ease the symptoms and allow you to find relief. For the easiest access, keep a vial of oil close or wear essential oil diffuser jewelry for long lasting scent throughout the day.

Better Sleep: Insomnia is all too common for adults today, but a natural way to help yourself fall asleep is essential oils like sandalwood, coriander, and cedarwood. For a simple way to get the benefits, aromatherapy jewelry can be stashed under your pillow to ensure you experience pleasant scents all night long, helping to ensure you get the rest you need each night.

Anxiety Relief: It can be difficult to convince yourself to fight against the crushing power of depression, but aromatherapy with essential oils can improve your quality of life by changing your mood and giving you energy. Wearing a diffuser necklace soaked in your favorite scent allows you to unobtrusively keep the scent of essential oils like chamomile, jasmine or lavender surrounding you, which can lead to a more optimistic mood throughout the day.

Aid your Digestive System: Suffering from bloating, constipation or indigestion? Essential oils might help. Citrus essential oils are especially celebrated for their ability to relief the discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome, and ginger and dill can also aid your digestive system. To stop a problem before it can start, consider wearing essential oil diffuser jewelry throughout the day.

Why Use Diffuser Jewelry?

It’s not always convenient to sniff a vial of oil every few minutes, but with essential oil jewelry you can take advantage of the healing properties of these plant-based oils all day long. Just a drop or two of essential oil is all it takes to keep your jewelry well-scented for a week or more, allowing you to stretch the lifespan of your oils and enjoy them for longer than before.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is an easy, unobtrusive way to add essential oils to your life, and you’ll smell great all day long in the process. For busy professionals and everyone else that can’t be bothered to carry a bag full of oil bottles, diffuser jewelry is a small, discrete way to diffuse oils in public spaces. For many people, the presence of the jewelry itself is also a reminder to slow down and stay present in their daily life.

Home & Office Diffusers

Diffusing essential oils in your home or office can make for a very productive, yet relaxing work environment. Essential oil scent is stronger than the scent of a candle. With hundreds of oils to choose from, diffusing essential oils has become one of the most popular forms of stress and anxiety therapy.


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